Loving someone is never about how much you miss them or how much you want them in your life… It’s about how happy you can make each other when you’re together! Love is not about just listening to them or doing everything they want… Love is knowing them inside and out and understanding what will make them happy. Love is not just about looking for them in a crowd or feeling their presence everywhere, it’s also wanting to be alone just so that you may dream and fantasize about them…. Love is when you never have to think twice before saying anything because you know you are completely accepted for who you are… Love is when your days start with their kiss and ends in their arms… Love is all about the person you love wholeheartedly… It is giving all of yourself and doing everything in your power to show them just how much you care…… Love is making up after fights and arguments without waiting for them to come to you first…LOVE IS A WORLD WHERE THERE IS NO PLACE FOR ANYONE ELSE BUT THE TWO OF YOU…..WITH AN EQUAL BALANCE OF SPICE AND SUGAR…. A WORLD MADE BY TWO LIVING SOULS WHICH ARE ATTACHED PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY AND SOULFULLY……Neena Gupta